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Video digital the most effective form of communication for Live & Virtual Events, Exhibitions, Installations, Theme Parks, Websites, Social Media, Experiential Marketing & Learning

Simple Significant

Making a real difference, Video Garage supporting Marketing & Sales, Public Relations, Corporate Sustainability, Employee & Franchise Communications, Training, Recruitment & Retention

Toyota GR Supra, video garage image, studio shoot, car reveal, turntable, presenter, 3D virtual set, graphics combined edit (2019)

Toyota Europe GR Supra

Laing Gale & Associates / Geneva Motor Show

BAE Systems Beautiful Minds, video garage image, scientists and engineers UK location and studio shoot, RED 4K camera record and graphic treatment combined

BAE Systems Beautiful Minds

Speakeasy / DSEI Trade and public communication

Army Infantry Officer, video garage image, soldier shouting instructions in action against rebel insurgents filmed on location in Cyprus at Paramali village soldier training location

Army Infantry Officer

Public information and recruitment

Richard Mille Polo Team, video garage image, stunning Richard Mille watch combined with graphics against a black background for a brand communication

Richard Mille Polo Team

Brand Communication

Toyota Lexus RC-F Track Edition, video garage image, Lexus RC-F in a car film studio on a turntable with great lighting set against a simple grey cloth background

Toyota Europe Lexus RC-F Track Edition

Laing Gale & Associates / Geneva Motor Show

BAE Systems Innovation Technology Service video garage image, high camera view of a Typhoon jet coming out of a hangar, UK location

BAE Systems Innovation Technology Service

Speakeasy / Farnborough, trade and public communication

Vauxhall Monza Concept, video garage image, Monza Concept car and Boris Jacob lead car designer in the Adam Opel design studio in Rüsselsheim Germany

Vauxhall Monza Concept

Deeper Blue / Dealer event

Detica Network Data Security, video garage image,  overlayed graphic representation of data and computer networks a multimedia LED information screen

Detica Data Security

Speakeasy / Digital Multimedia Screen

Toyota (GB) Goodwood Festival of Speed AV, video garage image, split screen multi-layered image combining racing driver in a helmet with Toyota GR Supra Studio shot edited with key descriptive graphics

Toyota Goodwood Festival of Speed AV

Laing Gale & Associates / Exhibition

Opel Castle Vectra, video garage image, a dramatic bald butler holding a candelabra, in an open Castle doorway,  a grainy 16mm black and white image, experiential horror genre

Opel Castle Vectra

European Press experiential event

Toyota Europe Olympic & Paralympic AV, video garage image, sports library footage, male runner and female boxer combined with Toyota cars and graphic text over 8 LED screens

Toyota Europe Olympic, Paralympic AV

Laing Gale & Associates / Geneva Motor Show

Army Jobs Be The Best, video garage image, young female soldier working in a desert location with camouflage vehicles behind, portrait of 1 of 140 army jobs for consideration

Army Jobs Be The Best

Public information and recruitment

Lexus Europe Paris Reportage, video garage image, presenter Ilse De Vis in a low posture in front of the interior of a vibrant flare yellow paint finish Lexus LC 500h at the Paris Motor Show, members of the public and Michelin-starred chef, Andreas Møller in the background near a red Lexus RC

Lexus Europe Paris Reportage

Laing Gale & Associates / Paris Motor Show

Adam Opel AG Brand Film, video garage image, historical marketing posters of Opel bicycles set against a brick wall in a motion control studio. Opel history recreated

Adam Opel Brand

For the public, customers, suppliers and employees

Toyota Europe Digital Press, video garage image, beautifully lit red Toyota Corolla hybrid filmed on a turntable against green screen in a car studio combined with a virtual 3D set depicting the Toyota brand

Toyota Europe Digital Press

Laing Gale & Associates / Paris Motor Show

Army on Everest video garage image, a soldier and high altitude cameramen filmed climbing a steep treacherous snow and ice mountain landscape, a cold, windy and dangerous environment

Army on Everest

Public relations, advertising and recruitment

Volkswagen AG Brand film, video garage image, split wide screen images, boy filmed against a mountain and blue sky background and a beautiful white flower in a mountain stream 35mm grainy imagery recorded on location in Spain

Volkswagen Brand

Trade and consumer experiential marketing

Army Officer Sandhurst, video garage image, young female army officer cadet salutes at the Sovereign’s passing out parade, in front of a group of army officer cadets in full military uniform at the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy

Army Officer Sandhurst

Public information and recruitment

Toyota Europe Environment design, video garage image, beautiful oak tree set against a dynamic blue and cloudy skyline, the view is filmed from a car travelling along a tarmac road towards the tree and soothing landscape

Toyota Europe Environment Design

Laing Gale & Associates / Geneva Motor Show

Standard Life Director Vision, video garage image, creative abstract colourful numbers in a globe filmed in daylight with a fish eye lens, set between an atrium and office background

Standard Life Company Director’s vision

Employee Communication

BAE Systems Intelligent Surveillance, video garage image, five actors playing members of the public descending a staircase at Kings Cross International train station, viewed from a surveillance camera, with green tracking image analysis security markers

BAE Systems Intelligent Surveillance

Speakeasy / DSEI Trade

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