Volkswagen AG

Consumer - experiential brand marketing
From dawn to dusk, an emotional journey featuring 7 car models.
180˚ screen 56m wide x 7m high, integrating live effects; water, lasers, dry ice, fire, music and light on a beach in a large black box at the Frankfurt & Tokyo motor shows.

AWARDS 2006 - 2015

Campaign Digital Awards:
Grand Prix, Best Digital Campaign
Best Acquisition Marketing Campaign
Best Use of Interactive

Computing Awards:
Innovative Project of the Year

PR Week
Grand Prix Campaign of the Year (Biss Lancaster)

Cannes Titanium

Chairman's Award
BAE Systems (Speakeasy)


New York Festival
Gold Best Sales (Speakeasy)

Institute Of Internal Communications, IOIC
Gold, Best use of AV (Speakeasy)

International Visual Communication Association, IVCA:
Industry Award for Effective Communication
Gold Web TV
Silver External Interactive Media
Bronze Events & Public Display
Best UK internal experience (WRG)

IVCA Awards to date: